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terça-feira, maio 25, 2004  

Essa dica peguei da Ana Paula: Googlism.

Veja as definicoes que aparecem pro seu nome, de acordo com as pesquisas do Google.

Pra mim veio, entre outras coisas:

fabiola is nice
fabiola is a bright
fabiola is doing well now
fabiola is a hot bitch
fabiola is one of most visible and respected inline skaters in the world
fabiola is a very free flowering waterlily with a pleasant fragrance noticeable when the blossoms are new
fabiola is more dangerous with a red pencil that with a machine gun
fabiola is swimming unbelievably well
fabiola is a new product and is not available from our current catalogue
fabiola is truly just that fabulous
fabiola is unreal
fabiola is willing to do light housework (hein?)

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